How to Join

How to Join

If you’re local to Stoke or Staffs and interested in joining Biddulph Sub-Aqua club or learning to dive with us, here’s some useful information for you:

Joining the diving club:

If you’re already a qualified diver (SAA, BSAC, PADI or other organisation) you can join the diving club to meet new people to dive with, to get involved in organised weekend trips and to have a chance to refresh skills and try out kit in the pool. You will be able to cross over your existing qualifications to BSAC equivalent qualifications subject to a check dive with someone suitably qualified at the club, and approval from our Diving Officer.

Training as a new diver:

Training at Biddulph Sub-Aqua club is all carried out by qualified instructors and coordinated by our Training Officer. The BSAC diver qualification levels are Ocean Diver, Sport Diver, Dive Leader and then Advanced Diver.

Training takes the form of pool sessions and lectures, and then some qualifying open water dives with an Open Water Instructor from the club. All training is taken at your own pace, so it may take you six weeks or six months to qualify as an Ocean Diver – it will depend entirely on how comfortable you are in the water, how keen you are to attend lectures etc. There’s no pressure to do anything sooner than you’re ready to.

Lectures generally take place before pool sessions, i.e. 7 to 8 pm on a Monday at Biddulph Leisure Centre, and are given by club instructors. You’ll also be given your in-pool training by a club instructor. Training in the pool is generally in small groups, lectures might be attended by a number of trainees.

We will provide all diving kit needed to gain your Ocean Diver qualification, so you won’t need to buy anything until you’re sure you want to get into diving seriously. After that, you’ll probably want to start buying your own kit – there are a few local dive shops, or eBay is great for bargains!


From your first session as a trainee you’re welcome to join us at the pub after the pool sessions – we’re usually in the  Staffordshire Knot pub, Marshfield Lane, Gillow Heath, Biddulph, ST8 6RG from around 9pm – or come along on a dive trip. You might not be diving yet but it’s a good opportunity to spend time around divers, get used to the sites and maybe even sneak in a lecture between dives!

Club meetings:

You’re also encouraged to come to the monthly meetings which are held on the first Monday of every month except Bank Holidays, also at the Staffordshire Knot at 9:30 – these are a really good chance to find out what’s happening at the club, what trips are planned, who’s doing what training etc. and all members are encouraged to attend meetings if they can. We usually have a pretty good turn-out so this is a good chance to meet other club members as well.

Trial period:

We offer a three week ‘trial period’ where you’re welcome to come along to the pool and try out diving to see whether you enjoy it, meet a few people at the club, and generally decide whether you think Biddulph Sub-Aqua Club is for you before you have to pay a membership fee. Try dives cost £5 per session, see the Try-Dives page for more information.


Membership is £12 per month which entitles you to free air fills using the club air compressor, use of the club’s boat, eligibility to come on any of the club’s organised trips, use of the club’s training equipment and vote on how our club is run.

For new trainees, there’s also a one-off cost of £45 when you join, to purchase a BSAC training pack – this is all your training manuals, log books, dive tables etc which you will use during your training and afterwards. This includes a free BSAC qualification card when you pass your Open Water Diver qualification. There are then no additional costs for any training up to Club Diver, as all training is done within the club.

There is also an annual BSAC membership fee payable directly to BSAC, this includes your liability insurance and a monthly dive magazine.

How to join:

Come down to the Biddulph Valley Leisure Centre any Monday night except Bank Holidays, between 8 and 9pm, just come through to the poolside and ask for anyone from the dive club, one of us will be able to chat to you about membership, set you up with training, and answer any other questions you might have. You can also call Chris on 07779 228286 or email on

We’re all very friendly so don’t feel shy about coming down to see us!